• Meet new people
• Gain new skills
• Volunteer to a new career
• Make a difference in your community

Volunteering is time willingly given for the common good
and without financial gain.

Limestone Coast Volunteering Service encourages, supports
and increases participation in volunteering.

We offer a FREE referral and information service to connect you to volunteering opportunities, community projects and organisations close to your heart and close to your home.

Over 6 Million Australians of all ages volunteer their time each year helping make their communities strong, safe and vibrant. In the Limestone Coast region almost 15,000 people reported doing voluntary work in 2016. Why not join them?

Limestone Coast Volunteer Service was established in 2003. Hosted by Naracoorte Lucindale Council it operates across the region. The service is a part of a state and national network of volunteer centres who work in partnership with Local, State and Federal Government to deliver support to the volunteer sector.

Everyday throughout the Limestone Coast volunteers assist in providing services we all use. If you have skills to share, or would like to learn something new. Volunteering provides great opportunities for connecting (and reconnecting) with our communities. Whether you enjoy reading, chatting, preparing meals, gardening being involved in community projects or events, there's a volunteer role out there with your name on it.

•  Aged Care
•  Events
•  Office Administration
•  Emergency Services
•  Broadcasting / Media
•  Environment, Heritage & Conservation 
•  Community Groups
•  Welfare & Health Services
•  Sports & Recreation
•  Charity & Aid Organisations
•  Education and The Arts

Is your organisation seeking volunteers?

Limestone Coast Volunteer Service can assist with the following:

•  Promote your volunteer opportunities to potential volunteers
•  Provide information on volunteer management
•  Provide networking opportunities for volunteer managers
•  Provide opportunities to develop volunteer projects and partnerships